5 Minute Makeup? Yes – It’s Possible!

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I don’t know about you but I always feel like these “Get ready in 5 minute” claims are a bunch of crap. I mean sure, I can do my makeup in 5 minutes but will I look like a normal version of myself? 
Absolutely not. 
Instead I’ll look like I just woke up and slapped some tinted moisturizer and mascara on my face before quitting and calling it a day. There’s definitely a difference between simply taking 5 minutes to put on a few products and creating an entire look in a short amount of time (say 5 minutes?)
Ren, my Alcone at Home partner in crime (or can we be bloggers in crime? Does that make sense?) is posting a tutorial on how to use Alcone at Home products to create a five minute face and it’s awesome! I think I say this every week but Ren is an amazingly talented makeup artist so I know she’s got some super secret pro-tips for everyone who wants to look awesome in a short amount of time. 
My advice for rushed mornings is:
Make sure you’re organized. I can’t stress this enough! I feel like no matter how organized I am that it all goes out the window on the days where I need to know exactly where everything is. Eyeliner in the blush drawer? Clearly it’s the last place I would even think to look! Luckily for me Alcone at Home has these handy palette organizers that I can use to keep all my customized palettes in one place. Gone are the days of needing a specific eyeshadow color only to realize that I have no idea where the palette is!
I happen to love this crocodile print. It ads some fun attitude to a small detail that might be overlooked.
Keep your go-to products all in one place. This sort of goes along the lines of organization but takes it up a notch. Are you a creature of habit? Do you always reach for the same colors time and time again? I used to have a thousand different products all over the place and of course I would spend more time searching for them than I would spend to apply them. Again, it all boils down to organization but by customizing your own palette you will be able to reach for one palette and know that your foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick are all in one place. Alcone at home sells adorable magnetic palettes and makeup products in individual pans so it is really easy to mix and match to create your perfect palette. 
This Everything Palette contains eyeshadow colors 15 (dark matte purple), 18 (satin grey taupe), 1 (satin vanilla cream), 2 (satin peach), and 14 (satin beige) and a blush pan in the shade 4 (a satin coral pink). 
Again piggybacking off of a point made above, I always like to have an “emergency” palette ready for SUPER rushed mornings. My emergency palette has a set of neutral colors that will work for any occasion so it takes the guesswork out of my makeup when I’m short on time. Sometimes I spend a lot of time coming up with perfect color combinations (and then searching for those products) so by having an emergency palette of neutrals I know that I can literally have everything I need at my fingertips in a moment’s notice.

My emergency palette housed in a crocodile print large magnetic palette: From left to right: Eyeshadow Shades 1, 14, 7, 6, 8, and 9. Alcone at Home Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Alcone at Home concealer/lip brush. From left to right: Foundation in Shinto 1, Translucent Powder, Blush in shade 4. From top to bottom: Waterproof concealer in shade 2 and lip color in shade 8. 

I’m aware that this post makes me sound like an unorganized disaster but I promise I’m not that bad! I house my makeup in a drawer organizer and find that sometimes I get lazy and put things in the wrong drawer (when I’m rushed, haha). Luckily all the guesswork has been taken out of my morning routine since I know exactly what I’m reaching for now!
You can create your own customized everything palette or large palette filled with makeup on the Alcone at Home website. Choose any print everything palette and fill it for only $64 or upgrade to any print large palette filled with a variety of different options for $124. These combinations are a GREAT way to save money and get everything you need. 
The large palette I pictured above (minus the brush and eyeliner) retails for $182! You can save $58 by buying it via the customized option. How awesome is that?
Looking for more information on how you can sign up to be a member of my Alcone at Home team? Check out this post where I explain how to sign up as an Alcone at Home Artist.
So what do you think? Am I absolutely crazy for having an “emergency palette?” Comment below and let me know what your favorite time saving tips are in the morning!
Until next time :)
FTC Disclaimer: This post contains products that were purchased by me and gifted to me by Alcone at Home as part of a goodie bag I received at The Makeup Show. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate/referral links. 

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  1. Chantel

    July 30, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Nice post. There is no way I can be ready in 5 minutes lol.

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