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Even though I love makeup I’ll be honest – I’m inherently lazy when it comes to application and touch ups. I want my makeup to be able to transition from day to night without the need to reapply an entire face of makeup in the process. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
I didn’t think so.
Luckily with Alcone at Home I can customize my own palette with the products I need to transition my look with ease! Gone are the days of carrying a huge makeup bag in my purse (and losing all the caps to my lipstick). Now I can put everything I need in one adorable palette and I’m ready to go! I also never have to worry about my palette being bulky because it’s just slightly larger than my iPhone!

Lately my favorite “Day” look has been a mix of gold, pink and mauve colors on my eyes and Alcone at Home eyeshadow in 4, 5, and 14 are absolutely perfect for this! To recreate this simple (seriously – I’m done in about 3 minutes) look simply put 14, a beautiful beige toned gold, on the lid and then layer 5 and 14, shimmering pink and matte mauve, in the crease until you’ve achieved the amount of definition and contrast that you’re looking for. I chose to blend it out so the result was a wash of color over the lid but you could definitely have a more defined look if that’s what you’re going for. 

I work pretty long hours at the salon so more often than not my coworkers and I will decide last minute to grab dinner or drinks together after work. Call me crazy but I like my makeup to be more defined for a night out, even if it’s low key. I might not be busting out the falsies any time soon for one of these impromptu get togethers but I still want to look appropriate!
Taking my eye makeup from day to night is super easy when I add a little bit of shade 8, a matte chocolate brown, in the crease. This isn’t the most dramatic “evening” look but when I’m needing to go from day/night quickly I find that it’s best to just work with what you’ve got and amp it up a little bit. Like I said – no falsies or super dramatic shadow here! I’m more of a simple “defined crease” girl in situations like this.

To complete my everything palette I typically include a concealer so I can freshen up my complexion and conceal any spots that have come through throughout the day. I also like to include either blush or translucent setting powder depending on the weather. If it’s hot outside I’ll toss in my translucent powder but if it’s cooler out and I don’t need a mattifying effect then I’ll change out the powder for blush to brighten up my complexion. Typically when it’s hot outside I don’t need any additional flush in my cheeks so I tend to skip blush touchups throughout the day. 

Luckily my everything palette can hold 5 square pans and one large pan so I can easily put my eyeshadow, concealer, and whichever larger pan I feel is appropriate all in one place. How is that for convenient?!

Don’t forget that if you want to buy these (and more!) products at wholesale and make commission off your sales that you can sign up to be on my Alcone at Home Artist Team! Feel free to email me for more details!

My Partner-In-Crime, Ren, is also posting her favorite way to go from day to night over on her blog so be sure to check it out! I know I’ve mentioned it before but she’s an amazing makeup artist so I know she’s got some awesome ideas up her sleeve.

How do you like to transition your look from day to night? Do you have any fun tricks to share? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time,

FTC Disclaimer: The eyeshadow mentioned in this post was purchased by me and the palette was gifted to me by Alcone at Home. All opinions are my own. The links in this post are referral links and I will earn commission if anything is purchased via them. 

Casey is a 20-something beauty blogger living in New York City with her two miniature dachshunds. When she's not out scouring the local market for the latest and greatest beauty products she can be found playing tourist around NYC, watching Grey's Anatomy marathons, and dreaming of moving back to Europe.


  1. Summer Rumsey

    July 23, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    I love the idea of having your makeup all in one place that is easy to carry around for touch ups – great idea!

  2. Chelsea

    July 24, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    That case is soo adorable & I’m loving the natural look it gives ya! Also, having all your favorites in one place is just so convenient… I love that!

  3. Angela Peters

    July 24, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    I love the case that it comes in, super pretty!!

  4. Stephanie Wolfe

    July 25, 2013 at 2:32 am

    i love this! it’s like the perfect size! i’ve never heard of alcone but now i’m going to go check it out!

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