How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall

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This time of year is always so awkward for fashion and makeup. It’s not quite warm enough to rock the summer styles we’ve been loving these last few months but it’s not quite “fall” enough to start wearing boots, scarves, and bold makeup. So what is a girl to do?
Luckily I’m here with a few quick tips that you can utilize to help you bridge the gap:
1) Start wearing more vampy colors on the eyes. Summer makeup tends to be softer on the eyes and bold on the lips so feel free to start breaking out a few rich, dark colors to play up your eyes. My favorites are from the Alcone at Home Perfect Eyeshadow range in the colors 6, 8, and 16.
2) Make sure to utilize more highlight on your cheekbones. This time of year is weird because, depending on where you are, you might be experiencing more rain and cloudy skies than you have seen this season. Keep your summer glow even on dreary days by utilizing a light highlighter on your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. I like to use the Alcone at Home Perfect Blush in the shade 6 for the perfect summer glow. 
3) Like I mentioned above, keeping a summer glow is important even during the fall and winter seasons. Mimic the sun’s warmth on your skin by contouring your face and warming up your complexion. Use the Alcone at Home Perfect Coverage Botanical Foundation in a shade 2 levels darker than your regular foundation for the perfect look. Blend it in with a beauty blender and you’re good to go! 
4) Summer heat is great for one thing: humidity that keeps our skin soft and moisturized. I’ve personally been noticing a huge decline in the humidity in New York City and while my hair is thanking me I’ve started to use a long wearing moisturizer under my foundation to keep that softness to my skin. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is perfect for this since it provides 24 hour moisture that isn’t heavy or greasy. Bonus – it doesn’t make me break out!
5) Ditch the bold coral lips in favor of something softer and more classic. I know, it pains me to say this, but I think it’s time to put the orange lipstick down and reach for something more seasonally appropriate. Now that we’re starting to wear deeper colors on the eyes it only makes sense that we would wear softer colors on our lips, right? If you’re a bold lip lover (like myself) don’t worry – the days of oxblood and plum lips will be upon us soon :) I have really been loving Alcone at Home Creamy Lipstick in the shades 7 & 8. 
That’s not so bad, right? I hate that this time of year keeps us all in limbo but hopefully these tips will help you be seasonally appropriate while we wait for Fall (otherwise known as the best time of year in my household). 
Until  next time :)

FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Casey is a 20-something beauty blogger living in New York City with her two miniature dachshunds. When she's not out scouring the local market for the latest and greatest beauty products she can be found playing tourist around NYC, watching Grey's Anatomy marathons, and dreaming of moving back to Europe.

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