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I’m a firm believer that a complete makeup collection consists of more than standard makeup products that we all know and love; there are tons of “behind the scenes” items that can really make or break your collection and your daily makeup routine. Everything from the way you prep your skin to the way you clean your brushes can affect you!
Luckily for us all, Alcone at Home is a literal one stop shop for all your makeup needs! I am such a creature of convenience so the fact that I can literally buy my skincare, makeup, and brush cleanser all in one spot is right up my alley for sure. A makeup kit, whether it be personal or professional, should consist of so much more than standard makeup items so be sure to check out what I consider to be my “Makeup Kit Must Haves” below! 

Makeup Kit Must Haves! All the things you need to compliment your existing makeup collection. #makeup #beauty #musthave #alconeathome

1) Alcone at Home Large Magnetic Palette ($20): Around this time last year I became OBSESSED with depotting my makeup so I love me a great magnetic palette. The large magnetic palettes from Alcone at Home are sturdy and come in adorable prints like crocodile and chevron – what’s not to love?
2) Beauty Blender Sponge ($20): If we’re being honest here, I thought the Beauty Blender Sponge was a total scam. Then I actually used one and my world was rocked! This sponge can do everything from apply moisturizer to blend in cream blush (and everything in between!) while giving you a flawless, airbrushed finish. Trust me!
3) Embryolisse Eye Treatment ($36): Prior to applying your primer you should always prep your skin and under eye area! The Embryolisse Eye Treatment hydrates, soften fine lines, and helps under eye concealer from becoming too cakey.
4) Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre ($28): Like I mentioned above, prepping your skin prior to primer and foundation application is the key to smooth results. The Embrylisse Lait-Creme has a cult following for great reason – it smooths, hydrates, and creates the perfect canvas for makeup. 
5) Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser ($7): I am completely obsessed with this cleanser because it dissolves all the makeup from your brushes making weekly cleaning a breeze! I especially love it for brushes that were used for waterproof products and foundation since those can be the most difficult to get clean. 
6) Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer ($35): Salmon concealer is perfect for concealing blue/purple tones on the skin and this Eve Pearl concealer is no exception! Use this under your eyes (after your Embryolisse Eye Treatment, of course) and watch those dark circles disappear! 

7) Beauty So Clean Makeup Sanitizing Spray ($16): Even if you’re not a professional makeup artist you still need to be disinfecting your makeup regularly. I personally like to spray mine down with Beauty So Clean weekly at the same time I’m cleaning my makeup brushes. Clean brushes + clean makeup = happy skin! Makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria so definitely make sure to be conscious of its cleanliness, ESPECIALLY if you’re breaking out. 
Alcone at Home is the perfect place to shop for all the above items because you can buy everything all at once with a flat shipping rate of $5.95. How awesome is that? I really love that Alcone at Home has everything anyone could need to complete an entire makeup kit. Awesome quality products AND fantastic behind the scenes items? Sign me up.
Don’t forget to check out my blogging partner in crime, Ren, to see what she considers to be her makeup kit must haves! I love that Ren is a professional makeup artist because she always picks products that I’d never think of trying. I always learn new things when reading her blog so definitely check it out!

What do you think? What do you consider to be a makeup kit must have? Are any of these items current favorites? Comment below and let me know!
Until next time :)
FTC Disclaimer: This post contains referral and affiliate links. I am affiliate with Alcone at Home and a member of their Alcone at Home Beauty Blogger Team. All opinions are my own. 

Casey is a 20-something beauty blogger living in New York City with her two miniature dachshunds. When she's not out scouring the local market for the latest and greatest beauty products she can be found playing tourist around NYC, watching Grey's Anatomy marathons, and dreaming of moving back to Europe.


  1. Angela Peters

    August 20, 2013 at 4:42 am

    LOVE this post!!!

  2. Natalie Loves Beauty

    August 20, 2013 at 5:00 am

    Beauty Blender is a definite must! Now you got me intrigued with that Eve Pearl Concealer!

  3. Amanda Val

    August 20, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    I really want to try the Beauty Blender now, but I just don’t want to bite the bullet! You’ve given me a serious lemming for the Brush Cleanser. One of my blush brushes doesn’t wash well with just soap and water, so I’ve been scoping out cleaners that everyone raves about.

  4. Bellenza Wedding Bistro

    August 22, 2013 at 12:59 am

    Great tips about the cleaning products you use for your makeup supplies!

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